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McGee Family Ancestry
A Brief Family History

How we all got here...

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McGee Surname

(McGee, McGhee, Magee, ...)

M'Ghie of Balmaghie
coat of arms

Impressions of the M'Ghie Seals From The Gallovidian (749k)
No. 26, Vol. VII -- Summer, 1905

The name M'Ghie is said to have it's first recorded use as MacEthe in Dumfries, Scotland in 1296. The common American surnames of McGee, McGhee, and Magee share this root. These names are all treated as the same .

Tradition has it that the land later known as the Parish of Balmaghie in Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland was settled, perhaps in the ninth century, by an Irish chieftain of the M'Ghie name. The M'Ghies held land there for upwards of a thousand years until a descendancy to female lines ended the reign.

In the early seventeenth century the 'Plantation of Ulster' by the English and Scots was begun and a number of MacGees settled Ireland during that time. Starting in the early eighteenth century and continuing sporadically until the start of the American Revolution, large numbers of these Scotch-Irish, or Ulster-Scots as they are also called, emigrated to America. The ancestors of many present day McGees set foot in America during that period and more arrived during the mid nineteenth century as they fled the Irish Potato Famine


McGee Surname Variants Distribution in the US

1990 US Census Surname Distribution
Surname Percent Number of people
McGee 0.031% 77,000
Magee 0.011% 27,000
McGhee 0.011% 27,000
McGhie 0.001% 2,500
US Census Name Search

Question: Do most of these McGees share a common ancestry?

McGee Lines of Special Interest

McGees who may have close connections to project participants

On the Origins of the McGee Name

"The Surnames of Scotland, Their Origin, Meaning, and History" by George F. Black, Ph.D., p. 496:

MACGHIE, MACGHEE, MACGEE. Ir. Mag-Aoidh, "son of Aodh," and so same as MACKay. Gilmighel Mac Ethe of Dumfries rendered homage, 1296 (Bain, II, p. 198). In the following year, as Gille Michel MacGethe, he was thanked by Edward I for putting down evildoers and for other services (Hist. Docs., II, p. 197; Bain, II, p. 324).
Gilbert McGeth was custumar or collector of customs in the burgh of Kirkcudbrith, 1331 (ER., I, p. 374), and Michael Macge or Mageth, landholder in Galloway was admitted to the king's peace by Edward III in 1339 (Rot. Scot.),
Gilbert M'Gy is styled lord of Balmage in 1426 (RMS., II). Robert Macgye (M'Gy, Macge, or Magy) was the king's mime, 1444-49 (ER., III, p. 150, 274, 378). John Makke made oblation by procurator in 1463 for the vicarage of St. Michael's, Dumfries (Edgar, p.135).
The Galwegian family of Macghie gave name to Balmaghie ("Macghie's town"). M'Ge 1555, M'Gey 1473, M'Ghye 1648, M'Gye 1482, Machgie 1684, Makge 1550, Makgee 1527, Makghie 1617; M'Eth, McGie, McGhie, Mackghie, Makgie. In old Galloway documents M'Ghie and M'Kie are used indiscriminately

The M'Ghies of Balmaghie

by Norman J. M'Kie, M.D.; from
"The Gallovidian, an Illustrated Southern Counties Quarterly Magazine" No. 26 - Vol. VII, Summer, 1905, pp 99-103.

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From the ninth century, when parishes got their names, and Balemakethe, now Balmaghie, was named after its principal landowner, until the nineteenth, when the daughters of John M'Ghie of Castlehill, who was descended from Balmaghie through Airie and Airds, parted with the estate, there have been landowners of the name and clan in Galloway. The name M'Ghie is a modification of what was once a favourite Celtic appellation, Aodh or Aed, sometimes written Eth or Heth and latinized into Ethus.
on the name Mackay ... The Gaelic form is Mac Aoidh, son of Aodh. The name Aodh is common in the ancient history of the Gael, both in Scotland and Ireland. ... therefore Aeduus or Aeduan means quite the same as Mackay, the former meaning 'belonging to Aedu,' the latter 'son of Aedu.' The further meaning of aedu-s is also known; the word means 'fire,' 'hearth.' It appears as such in Irish and Welsh, and is allied to the Latin aedes (house) Aedilis, the Roman Dean of Guild, and the Greek aitho (I Kindle). All this may, of course, be equally said of M'Ghie and M'Kie. The Celtic Aodh is the Norse Odo and the Norman-French Hugh.
In old Galloway documents M'Ghie and M'Kie are used indiscriminately.
I. The M'Ghies of Balmaghie
The tradition is that the lands and church derived their name from an Irish chieftain who settled there in early days. The earliest historical notice of the name is in the beginning of the 12th century, when "the church of Kirkandrew, Balemakethe," is mentioned by Fergus, Lord of Galloway, to the Abbey of Holyrood. ... The M'Eths, who gave their name to the lands and the church, must, therefore have been settled there in the eleventh century at the latest, but, as parishes were formed as early as the ninth century, we may pretty safely conclude that the M'Ghies were there then. Gilmyhel MacEth signed the Ragman Roll in 1296; Micheal Macge submitted to Edward III. in 1339; Gilbert Macge is called "lord of Balmage" in 1426; in 1460 Gilbert M'Gy is of Balmagy.

This Gilbert was succeeded by William M'Gee, who gets sasine of Slagerre (Slogarie) in 1471.
Sir George MacKenzie gives the coat-of-arms of M'Ghie of Balmaghie, as "Sable, three leopards' heads erased, argent." Nisbet, in his Heraldry, says--The name of M'Ghie, three leopards' heads, argent. The principal family of the name is designed of Balmaghie, who makes the heads.

II. The M'Ghies of Airie and Airds
The M'Ghies of Airie and Airds are a branch of the M'Ghies of Balmaghie, but it is difficult to point out when the offshoot took place.

In December, 1642, James M'Ghie had sasine of the lands of Airies and Culquahassan. He married, first Janet Gordon, and, second, Anna Kennethie. By the latter he had a son, Alexander who succeeded.

III. The M'Ghies of Castlehill
John M'Ghie of Castlehill, in the Parish of Troqueer, married Jean, daughter of the Rev. William Donaldson, minister of Parton, by whom he had six daughters-- Mary, Isabella, Elizabeth, Jane, Wilhelmina, and Ann.

On the Parish of Balmaghie

"History of the Lands and Their Owners in Galloway, Vol. 3" by P.H. M'Kerlie, 1887, Edinburgh, Scotland, pages 105-170; facsimile with M'Kerlie's personal annotations published by G C Book Publishers, Ltd., Wigtown, UK in 1994

[p.105] The ancient name of this parish was Balmakethe. The church of Saint Andrew or Kirkandrew of Balmakethe was one of those churches bestowed by Fergus, first lord of Galloway, on Holyrood Abbey.
In 1287, the monks of Holryood obtained a confirmation of this church from Henry, bishop of Galloway.
The subsequent name of the parish is believed to have been given or taken from the Macges, who seem to have obtained the principal lands in the fourteenth century, as will be seen under Balmaghie. Chalmers states that the prefix bal in Gaelic is a dwelling, but he couples it with the M'Ghies, which is an error, as the early name proves. Besides, it is Irish, and not Gaelic. In the latter language the word "baile" is a town, a village, &c.
In 1606, Alexander M'Ghie of Balmaghie obtained from King James VI. a charter of lands in the parish with the advowson of the church.
In 1786, with the lands of Balmaghie, it passed to Thomas Gordon.

The size of the parish as it now is, is about nine miles in length, and varies from about four to six miles in width.

In Pont's map it is spelled Balmagy.
The history of the M'Ghies is that they were of Irish extraction, and chief of the name settled in Galloway. This is very probable. On the coast of Antrim there was the Isle of Maghee, which now is a peninsula of Lough Larne.

We have read, however, that M'Ghie is a corruption of Mackay, which seems improbable. In support of this, it is stated that the arms of the M'Ghies are the same as borne by the chief family of the Mackays. This is certainly a guide in some cases, but that the Mackays of Sutherlandshire and the M'Ghies of Galloway are one and the same, we do not credit.

The first bearing the name found in the district is Michael Macge, who, as a landholder, submitted to King Edward III. in 1339. This servility to the kings of England has been the means of handing many a name down to posterity which otherwise would have been lost. The Ragman Roll of Edward I. has been valuable to genealogists, and in the same way those who succumbed to his successor have had their names also recorded; with this difference, however, that the first Edward was a formidable enemy to Scotland, while his son was a weak monarch.

The next M'Ghie found is William Macge, whom we find styled of Balmage. This is the first mention of Balmaghie. There can, we think be no doubt that he gave his family name to the parish, and not the latter to them

[p.108] William Macge of Balmage appeared in a cause before the lords auditors of Parliament in 1478, and acquired from James III., on the 14th August 1484, a charter of the lands. It is thus evident that the family was free from the crushing influence of the Church, when exercised wrongly.

On the 26th June 1599, Robert, brother of Alexander Glendonying, had retour of the lands of Barebord. New charters were obtained by the M'Ghies from James IV. in 1513, and James V. in 1527. ... In 1586 Alexander M'Ghie was in possession. ... In 1606 Alexander M'Ghie of Balmaghie ... obtained from James VI. a charter of the lands and barony of Livingstone, and the land of Slogarie, with patronage of Balmaghie church.

On the Parish of Island Magee

"Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland, Vol. 10, Parishes of County Antrim III, 1833, 1835, 1839-40; Larne and Island Magee", edited by Angelique Day and Patrick McWilliams. Pages 14..105 relate to the Parish of Island Magee.

[p.14] The peninsula of Island Magee includes a tract of country 7 and a half miles in extreme length from south south east to north north west and varying in breadth from 1 and a quarter to 2 miles.
[p.20] There is neither town, village nor gentleman's seat in the parish of Island Magee.
[p.26] The numerous pagan and ecclesiastical remains in this parish are sufficient indications of its having in very remote ages not only been inhabited but also of its having been a place of no little celebrity among 2 very different races, of whom there are not now remaining any other evidences, the present inhabitants being almost to a man the descendants of the Scottish settlers of the 17th century and still retaining in their habits, manners, dialect and religion the striking characteristics of the country of their forefathers.
The parish is generally believed to have derived its name of the family or clan the Magees <Macgees> to whom it is said to have originally belonged and by whom it was formerly inhabited. It is also said that it has from early ages belonged to that family, and that their extirpation and dispossession took place on the alleged massacre of the Roman Catholics on the 8th January 1641. There are, however, several circumstances and evidences in direct contradiction of this.
The Magees therefore have had but a short tenure of the island
The stone which was found among the ruins of the very ancient castle of Portmuch bears an inscription which some interpret as Island Magee. This, however is uncertain. It is alleged that the parish has not derived its name from the of the family alluded to, but that its original name was Mac'iagh, signifying a "seagul", a name which, if authentic, would have been very reasonable from the vast number of gulls which frequent its coasts.
Tradition states that the parish, from its exposed situation, was subject to incursions from the Danes and from the Scots, that it was frequently plundered by the latter and that the castle of Portmuck, now in ruins, was erected in connection with the defences on the little Isle of Muck, on its eastern coast for the protection of its inhabitants. Castle Chichester is said to have been erected at a subsequent period. A village existed about the latter castle, and from it there was a considerable export trade to Scotland down to the beginning of the 18th century, until which period the mail packet for Scotland was dispatched from thence. A small boat conveyed the letters between Belfast and Castle Chichester.
About the middle of the 17th century, this district, which had previously been church property, was exchanged by the bishop to the Chichester family for the parish of Glynn on the opposite coast of Larne Lough.
[p.27] The colonisation of the parish by the Scots which had commenced in the beginning of the 17th century, had been proceeded by partial settlements of the English followers of the Earl of Essex, who landed at Carrickfergus in 1578 and possessed themselves of the adjoining parish of Templecorran and several others which were confirmed to them by the Crown. About the year 1610 several of the Scots settled here and their numbers must have rapidly increased, for in 161[last figure blank] we find the Reverend Edward Bryce (the first Presbyterian minister who preached in Ireland and who had settled in the adjoining parish of Templecorran) preaching here on every alternate Sunday. In 1641 and during 1642 the parish seems to have been finally colonised by the Scots, many of whom, as the tombstones in the burial grounds justify, were the ancestors of its present occupiers.
[p.64] Traditional Accounts of the Slaughterford Bridge Incident
Under this head will be found the traditional account of the massacre of Island Magee, or the massacre of the Gobbins, of which so many very conflicting contradictory statements have appeared in the different historical publications, not merely local, but of the entire kingdom, not one of which is entitled to the least credit, either as to the individuals by whom or the motive from which the circumstances originated, or as to the numbers killed. In each successive work the number has been augmented. At first it was stated that 6 individuals fell, a subsequent publication made it 6 families, consisting of 30 individuals. These were multiplied by 10 in a later work, and finally augmented to 3,000, at which the humanity of historians has allowed them for the present to remain. It is stated by many in the neighborhood that the inhabitants of the parish have increased the numbers killed in proportion as the accounts given in the histories alluded to have reached them. So much so, that though the tradition and belief formerly was that many individuals fell, it now is that the parish was depopulated, principally by the numbers put to death, and partly by those who fled for safety.
The little bridge of Slaughterford is on the road from Carrickfergus to Island Magee ... The origin of its name is locally and historically ascribed to the slaughter of several of the inhabitants of the parish of Island Magee, which took place on the evening of Sunday 8th January 1642 by some of the Scottish troops quartered in this county, in retaliation, it is said, for some atrocities committed on their friends and comrades in different parts of this country during the previous week. ... [Insert footnote: "Scotch" and "Irish" equal Presbyterians and Roman Catholics].
The rebellion which had broken out in October 1641 was accompanied by many horrible butcheries of the Protestants by the Roman Catholics, but especially those in the parish of Billy and in the Route, where some companies of Archibald Stuart's (of Ballintoy) regiment were put to death, and finally at Clough or Oldstone Castle, 6 miles from Balymena, where the garrison, after having capitulated, were allowed to march out and then their wives and children were taken to the banks of the Glenravel river and butchered by Toole McHugh O'Hara. The last occurrence took place on the 2nd January 1642. It soon reach Carrickfergus, then the garrison and place of refuge for the Protestants of the county. The men of Adair's regiment, being from the neighborhood of the scene and probably having lost some friends, naturally were exasperated and on the evening or night of Sunday 8th, set out for Island Magee, determined on revenge. They first came to the house of Owen Magee, who, with 8 of his family, they killed, his son Bryan alone escaping.

They then proceeded to the house of Daniel Magee, the next on their route, and him, with 9 others, were murdered by them. Several others, from 40 to 50 in all, were slaughtered, and several were brought prisoners to Carrickfergus. Many were put to death in the parish with great inhumanity. A child was stabbed to death in its mother's arms, and several women fell victims to the revenge of the murderers. One woman who had fled to the verge of the Gobbins before an officer who pursued, seeing no chance of escape, clasped him in her arms and threw herself with him over the precipitous cliff, at the base of which both were dashed to pieces. This is said to have been the only inhabitant who fell over the Gobbins, though many accounts go so far as to state that numbers were driven over the Gobbins and that the massacres, having commenced at the Slaughterford bridge, was carried on until numbers who had fled were driven over the cliffs. An inhabitant named Hill, a Protestant, is said to have saved many of the Roman Catholics by concealing them in a lime kiln. Of the prisoners brought to Carrickfergus, 3 were put to death by Colonel Adair's orders, Colonel Hill being absent, and several of the others were punished.





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List of Surnames

  Agnes (Beaufill) Beaufit    1431   Scotts Hall, Kent, England 
  Mrs-Ogerus (Bedingfield) Pugeys    Abt 1034   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Ogerus De (Bedingfield) Pugeys    Abt 1030   France 
  John Jewett Allen    21 Oct 1964   Dixon Hospital, Dixon, IL 
  Sarah Joy Allen    3 Sep 1994   CGH Medical Center, Sterling, IL 
  Alpaide Concubine Of Austrasia    Abt 654   Heristal, Austrasia 
  Ansigisen Mayor Of The Palace Of Austrasia    Abt 607   Austrasia France 
  Carloman Mayor Of The Palace Of Austrasia    Abt 550   Landen, Liege, Belgium 
  Charles "Martel" Mayor Of The Palace Of Austrasia    676   Heristal, Neustria 
  Mrs-Carloman Of The Palace Of Austrasia    Abt 568   Belgium 
  Pbepin Mayor of The Palace Of Austrasia    Abt 635   Heristal, Austrasia 
  Pepin Mayro Of The Palace Of Austrasia    564   Landen, Liege, Belgium 
  Rotrude (Chrotude) Duchess Of Austrasia    690   Moselle, Austrasia 
  Sigimberus I Bishop Of Auvergne    Abt 419   Westphalia, Germany 
  Miss Avitus    405   Rome, Rome, Italy 
  Anne (Anna) Ayres    Abt 1704   Stonington, New London, CT 
  Ann or Susannah Babcock    1669   Westerly, Washington RI 
  James Babcock    1641   Portsmouth, Newport, RI 
  James Babcock    1580   Wivenhoe, Essex, England 
  James Babcock    12 Jun 1612   Wivenhoe, Essex, England 
  Mary Mrs Babcock    1584   Wivenhoe, Essex, England 
  Margaret Bacon    Abt 1324   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs-Thomas Bacon    1302   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas (Robert) Bacon    1298   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Cecelia Baldock    1328   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Hester Ester Ballard    28 Oct 1632   Of Lynn, Essex, MA 
  William Ballard    12 Aug 1603   Southwell, Nottingham, England 
  Benjamin Barber    10 Mar 1707   North Kingston, Washington, RI 
  James Barber    1620   Newport, town of Newport, Newprot County, RI 
  James Barber    Abt 1588   Berkshire, England 
  James Mrs. Barber    Abt 1596   Providence, RI 
  Mary Barber    1616   Providence, RI 
  Moses Barber    5 Jan 1670   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Moses Barber    5 Jan 1670   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  MR. Barber    Abt 1600   England 
  Mrs James Barber    Abt 1624   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Nathan (Capt.) Barber    29 Jan 1732   Hopkington, Washington, RI 
  Samuel Barber    8 Nov 1695   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Sarah Barber    28 Nov 1719   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Thankful Barber    2 May 1759   Hopkington, Washington, RI 
  William Barber    5 Jan 1685   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Adam Bedingfield    Abt 1211   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Adam Bedingfield    Abt 1151   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Adam Bedingfield    Abt 1120   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Adam Bedingfield    Abt 1242   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Agnes Bedingfield    Abt 1485   England 
  Arnold Bedingfield    Abt 1090   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Edmond Bedingfield    Abt 1450   Oxborough, Norfolk, England 
  Edmund Bedingfield    Abt 1292   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mary Mrs. Bedingfield    Abt 1239   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mary Mrs. Bedingfield    Abt 1268   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mary Mrs. Bedingfield    Abt 1184   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs Orframnia (Christiana) Bedingfield    Abt 1093   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs -Thomas Bedingfield    Abt 1378   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs-Adam Bedingfield    Abt 1212   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs-Adam Bedingfield    Abt 1155   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs-Peter Bedingfield    Abt 1063   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Peter Bedingfield    Abt 1059   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Peter Bedingfield    Abt 1180   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Peter Bedingfield    Abt 1264   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Peter Bedingfield    Abt 1320   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Bedingfield    Abt 1374   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Bedingfield    Abt 1348   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Bedingfield    Abt 1428   Denham Castle, Suffolk, England 
  Edmund Bedingfield (or Tudenham)    Abt 1400   Denham Castle, Suffolk, England 
  Grace Berwick    12 Dec 1617   St. Mary Le Port, Bristol, Gloucs, England 
  Ann Bigelow    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Joseph Bowdish    1700   Newport, town of Newport, Newprot County, RI 
  Martha Bowdish    25 Aug 1755   Exeter, Washington, RI 
  Mary Mrs Bowdish    Abt 1679   Newport, town of Newport, Newprot County, RI 
  Nathaniel Bowdish    12 Dec 1642/43   Salem, Exxex, Massachusettes 
  Nathaniel Bowdish    17 Feb 1726   Preston, New London, CT 
  Nathaniel Bowdish    1675   Newport, town of Newport, Newprot County, RI 
  Sarah Bowdish    Abt 1619   Salem, Exxex, Massachusettes 
  Sarah Bowdish    Abt 1646   Salem, Exxex, Massachusettes 
  William Bowdish (Bowditch)    Abt 1615   Salem, Exxex, Massachusettes 
  Althildis, Princess Of The Britains    Bef 125   Britain 
  Coel "Old King Coel" (Coilus) Britian    125   Britain 
  Cyllin Of Britian    Abt 99   Britain 
  Edward Brown    9 Sep 1586   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Jane Brown    Jan 1645   Malford, Protsmouth, Worcester, England 
  mary Brown    Abt 1626   Plymouth, MA 
  Nicholas Brown    1601   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Priscilla Brown    Abt 1629   Plymouth, MA 
  Sarah Brown    1616   Essex, Essex, England 
  Child Brown (Browne)    Bef 1633   UNKNOWN 
  Christopher Brown (Browne)    Abt 1482   Swan Hall, Hawkedon, Suffolk, England 
  Christopher Brown (Browne)    Abt 1450   Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 
  John Brown (Browne)    Abt 1425   Tolethorp, Rutlandshire, England 
  John Brown (Browne)    Abt 1349   Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 
  John Brown (Browne)    Abt 1380   Stanford Draper, Tolethorpe, Rutlandshire, England 
  john Brown (Browne)    1312   Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 
  Mrs John Brown (Browne)    Abt 1315   Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 
  Peter Brown (Browne)    Bet 1596 and 1598   Hawkedon, Suffolk, England 
  Rebecca Brown (Browne)    Abt 1631   Plymouth, MA 
  Thomas Brown (Browne)    Abt 1533   Swan Hall, Hawkedon, Suffolk, England 
  Mary Bucket or Becket    17 Jan 1590   Eckington, Worcester, England 
  Johane Burr    Abt 1577   Benenden, Kent, England 
  MR. Burr    Abt 1551   Benenden, Kent, England 
  Mrs Burr    Abt 1555   Benenden, Kent, England 
  Agnes Butler    1521   Dedham, Essex, England 
  Joane Mrs Butter    1504   Dedham, Essex, England 
  Thomas Butter (butler)    1500   Dedham, Essex, England 
  June Charles    Abt 1237   Suffolk, England 
  Mrs Chrodobertus I    Abt 665   UNKNOWN 
  Judith Clarke    12 Oct 1667   Newport, town of Newport, Newprot County, RI 
  Anne Cory    1698/99   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  John Cory III    3 Feb 1674   Huntington, Longs Island, Suffolk, NY 
  Itha Da Faucigny    1086   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Priscilla Day    1678   Huntington, Longs Island, Suffolk, NY 
  Louis, Seigneur De Faucigny    1060   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Melchoir De Forest    Bet 1500 and 1510   Aves Nes, Haingut (now France) 
  Rachel De Forest    1604   Leiden, Netherlands 
  Catherine De Fosset    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Amadeo I Count of De Geneva    Abt 1100   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Beatrix De Geneva    Abt 1154   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Maud De Glanville    Abt 1148   Suffolk, England 
  Adalbert De Grandison    Abt 1030   Neuchatel, Ne, Switzerland 
  Barthelemy Sire De Grandison    Abt 1110   La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Ebal I De Grandison    Abt 1087   Grandson, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Ebal III Sire De Grandison    Abt 1133   La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Ebal IV Sire De Grandison    Abt 1154   Grandson, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Falko (Conon) De Grandison    Abt 1050   La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Mabilia De Grandison    Abt 1294   Ashperton, Herefordshire, England 
  Pierre I Sire De Grandison    Abt 1190   Neuchatel, Ne, Switzerland 
  William De Grandison    Bet 1255 and 1264   Cassington, Oxfordshire, England 
  Adalbert De Grandson    1014   Neuchatel, Ne, Switzerland 
  Mrs-Barthelemy De Grandson    1110   La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Margaret De Herling    1372   East Herling, Norfolk, England 
  Eva De Hooges    1676/77   Hurley, Ulster, Ny 
  Johannes De Hooges    1655/56   UNKNOWN 
  Dr. Johannes De La Montagne    1595   Saintes, province of Saile, France 
  Marie De La Montagne    26 Jan 1637   Off Madeira, On Voyager to NY 
  Agnes De Neuchatel    Abt 1194   Neuchatel, Ne, Switzerland 
  Ulric III De Neuchatel    1150   Urach, Baden, Germany 
  Elizabeth De Norton    Abt 1352   Bendham, Suffolk, England 
  Adelheid De Roucy    Abt 1050   La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Oda De Savoy    Abt 586   Old Saxony 
  Edmund De Tudenham    Abt 1200   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  John De Tudenham    Abt 1171   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  John De Tudenham    1346   (16-1362) Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Robert De Tudenham    Abt 1264   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Robert De Tudenham    Abt 1295   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Roger De Tudenham    Abt 1144   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Yolande De Urach Arberg    Abt 1188   Urach, Baden, Germany 
  Adaele (Alice, Alix) De Vermandois    Bet 910 and 915   Vermandois, Neustria 
  Beatrice De Vermandois    Abt 880   Vermandois, Neustria 
  Herbert I Count Of De Vermandois    Abt 848   Vermandois, Neustria 
  Pbepin II Quentin Count of De Vermandois    Abt 818   Vermandois, Neustria 
  Anne De Waldegrave    Abt 1429   Waldegrave, Northhamptonshire, England 
  Margaret De Weyland    Abt 1350   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Robert De Weyland    1324   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Catheriene Dewart    unknown   unknown 
  Elfridam, Princess of England    Abt 877   Wessex, England 
  Thietburge Mrs Faucigny    Abt 1025   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Arnoul I, Count of Flanders    Abt 889   Flanders, France 
  Baudouin II, "the bald" Count Of Flanders    Abt 864   Flanders, Nord, France 
  Baudouin III, Count of Flanders    Abt 933   France 
  Bertha, Countess of Flanders    Abt 987   Flanders, France 
  Martha Mrs Foorde    1580   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Avis Ida Fox    17 Jul 1900   Rockford, IL 
  Chester W. Fox    13 Nov 1863   Kishwaukee, IL 
  Edward Fox    1824   Canada? England? 
  Clodion "Le Chevelu" King Of France    Abt 395   Westphalia, Germany 
  Hildebrante Princess Of France    Abt 897   Vermandois, Neustria 
  Miss Princess Of France    Abt 862   France 
  Pbepin "the short" King Of France    714   Austrasia 
  Pharamond King Of France    370   Westphalia, Germany 
  Robert "fortis" Duke of France    Abt 820   France 
  Robert I King Of France    860   Bourgogne, France 
  Antenor IV, King Of The West Franks    Bef 63   UNKNOWN 
  Argotta, Queen Of Franks    376   France 
  Bartherus King Of The Franks    Abt 238   UNKNOWN 
  Clodemir III, King Of The West Franks    Bef 50   UNKNOWN 
  Clodiuds Duke Of The East Franks    Abt 324   Germany 
  Clodius II (Clodie) King Of The West Franks    6   UNKNOWN 
  Clodius III, King Of The Franks    Bef 264   UNKNOWN 
  Clodomir IV, King Of The Franks    Abt 129   UNKNOWN 
  Dagobert Duke Of The East Franks    Abt 262   Germany 
  Dagobert, Duke Of The Franks    300   Germany 
  Farabert, King Of The Franks    Abt 122   Austrasia, France 
  Genebald, Duke of The East Franks    Abt 354   France 
  Genebald, Duke Of The East Franks    262   Germany 
  Hilderic King Of The Franks    Bef 212   UNKNOWN 
  Marcomir Duke Of The East Franks    Abt 347   Germany 
  Marcomir III, King Of The West Franks    Bef 20   UNKNOWN 
  Marcomir IV, King Of The Franks    Bef 128   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Clodius Duchess Of The East Franks    328   Germany 
  Mrs-Clodius III, Queen Of The Franks    Bef 293   Germany 
  Mrs-Dagobert, Duchess Of The East Franks    304   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Dagobert, Duchess Of The East Franks    Abt 232   Germany 
  Mrs-Farabert, Queen Of The Franks    Abt 124   Austrasia France 
  Mrs-Genebald, Duke Of The East Franks    Abt 358   France 
  MRs-Genebald, Duke Of The East Franks    268   Germany 
  Mrs-Hilderic Queen Of The Franks    Bef 212   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Marcomir, Duchess Of The East Franks    351   Germany 
  Mrs-Martherus Queen Of The Franks    Abt 238   Germany 
  Mrs-Odomir Queen Of The Franks    Bef 114   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Rathberius Queen Of The Franks    Bef 69   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Richemer Queen Of The Franks    Bef 90   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Sunno Queen Of The Franks    Abt 138   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs-Walter Queen Of The Franks    Abt 269   Germany 
  Odomir, King Of The Franks    Bef 114   UNKNOWN 
  Rathberius, King Of The Franks    Bef 69   UNKNOWN 
  Richemer, King Of The Franks    Bef 90   UNKNOWN 
  Sunno (Huano) King Of The Franks    Abt 137   Austrasia France 
  Walter, King Of The Franks    Bef 289   UNKNOWN 
  Judith Elaine Friemuth    9 Nov 1944   Stillman Valley, IL 
  Agnes Fuller    Abt 1470   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Fuller    Abt 1444   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Mrs Fuller    Abt 1446   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Agnes Fulmer (Fuller)    Abt 1425   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Fulmer (Fuller)    Abt 1397   Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England 
  Henry Fulwater    1545   St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, England 
  Mr. Fulwater    Abt 1519   Germany 
  Sarah Fulwater    19 Mar 1573   St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, England 
  Joan Gabb    1552   Painswick, Gloucester, England 
  Aimon I Count of Geneva    Abt 1050   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Gerold Count of Geneva    Abt 1012   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  Jane Grubbs    Abt 1550   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Jane Grubbs    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Elizabeth Gylbard Gilbert    Abt 1561   Benenden, Kent, England 
  Mr. Gylbard Gilbert    Abt 1535   Benenden, Kent, England 
  Mrs. Gylbard Gilbert    Abt 1539   Benenden, Kent, England 
  John Haskell    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Joan (Jone) Hearne    1607   St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, England 
  Maude (Mabel) Hemenhale (Hempall)    Abt 1296   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  William Hemenhale (Hempall)    1270   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Hendrik Hendirksen (Kype)    1600   Holland, Niewenhuys, Netherlands 
  Dode (Oda) Of Heristal    Abt 556   Heistal, Liege, Belfium 
  Dode (Oda) Of Heristal    Abt 556   Heistal, Liege, Belfium 
  John Herling    1346   East Herling, Norfolk, England 
  Adbelahide (Adelheid) Princess Of Holy Roman Empire    Abt 824   Tours, France 
  Charlemagne Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire    2 Apr 742   Aix La Chapelle, Austrasia 
  Ermengarde of the Holy Roman Empire    Abt 800   UNKNOWN 
  Hildegard Empress of The Holy Roman Empire    Abt 757   Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia 
  Louis "The Pious" Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire    Abt 799   unknown 
  Margaret Hotofte    Abt 1440   Wortham, Suffolk, England 
  Bernard King of Italy    797   Vermandois, Austria 
  Cunigunde, Quenn Of Italy    Abt 797   France 
  Mrs Pbepin, Queen Of Italy    Abt 777   Toulouse, Gascony 
  Pbepin (Carloman) King Of Italy    Apr 773   Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia 
  Anneke Jans    23 Feb 1605   Flekkroy, Norway 
  Johan Jans    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Roelof Janszen    1602   Marstand, Sweden 
  Elizabeth Jenckes    1657/58   Lynn, Essex, Ma or Kingston 
  Joseph Jenckes    12 Oct 1628   Colnbrook, London, Middlesex, England 
  Hugh Jenks    Bet 1510 and 1515   Holbendred, Shropshire, England 
  William Jenks    1536   Shrewsbury, Clun, Shropshire, England 
  John Jenks (Jenckes)    1556   St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, England 
  Joseph Jenks (Jenckes)    26 Aug 1599   St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, England 
  Margaret Jenny    1350   East Herling, Norfolk, England 
  Tryntje Jonas    1582   Marstrand, Sweden 
  Berthe (Aldeberge, Blithildis) Quenn Of Kent    Abt 541   Paris, Siene, France 
  Elizabeth Kenyon    1723   Westerly, Washington RI 
  James Kenyon    2 May 1653   Of, Oldham, lancashire, England 
  John Kenyon    1605   Of Droylsden, manchester, England 
  John Kenyon    26 Apr 1655   Of, Oldham, lancashire, England 
  Jonathan Kenyon    1695   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Mrs. John Kenyon    Abt 1608   Of Droylsden, manchester, England 
  Catherine Kierstede    1660   UNKNOWN 
  Dr. Hans Kierstede    1612   Saxony, Madeburg, Germany 
  Hans Kierstede    13 Jan 1649   New Amsterdam, NY 
  Jacob Kipp    1682   unknown 
  Jacob, Jr. Kipp    7 Jan 1707   unknown 
  Jacobus Kipp    1631   UNKNOWN 
  Johannes Kipp    1737   UNKNOWN 
  Johannes Kipp    1655   UNKNOWN 
  Johannes, Jr. Kipp    1760   UNKNOWN 
  Margarett Kipp    25 Apr 1810   NY 
  Annetje Krom (Gelvins)    1640   Bra-Netherlands 
  Mrs Lambert    Abt 690   UNKNOWN 
  Mary Lance    Abt 1400   Dartford, Kent, England 
  Beggue (St Beggue) Of Landen    Abt 613   Landen, Liege, Belgium 
  Itte (Itta) Of Landen    Abt 591   Landen, Liege, Belgium 
  Berthe (Bertrade) Countess Of Laon    Abt 720   Laon, Austrasia 
  Bertrada, Countess Of Laon    Abt 695   Laon, Aisne, France 
  Claribert I (Heribert), Count Of Laon    Abt 690   Laon, Aisne, France 
  Agnes Mrs lawrence    1523   Rumburgh, Suffolk, England 
  Elizabeth Mrs Lawrence    1510   Rumburgh, Suffolk, England 
  John Lawrence    1500   Rumburgh, Suffolk, England 
  John Lawrence    Abt 1531   Rumburgh, Suffolk, England 
  Robert Lawrence    1474   Rumburgh, Suffolk, England 
  Susan Renee Lawrence    1548   Of Dedham, Essex, England 
  Elizabeth Leids    1605   Malford, Protsmouth, Worcester, England 
  Jane Leids    1578   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Thomas Leids    1546   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Thomas Leids    1546   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Abigail Lewis    Abt 1690   Richmond, Washington, RI 
  Abigail Lewis    Abt 1690   Richmond, Washington, RI 
  James Lewis    20 Nov 1745   Exeter, Washington, RI 
  James Lewis    3 Jun 1664   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Jenkins Lewis    Abt 1689   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Jenkins Lewis    Abt 1689   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Jonathan Lewis    Abt 1722   Richmond, Washington, RI 
  Jonathan Lewis    15 Aug 1752   Exeter, Washington, RI 
  Jonathan Lewis    Abt 1722   Richmond, Washington, RI 
  Lucinda Lewis    23 May 1813   Scholarie, NY 
  Lydia Lewis    12 Jun 1786   Exeter, Washington, RI 
  Silas Lewis    21 Jul 1784   Exeter, Washington, RI 
  Mr. Lide    Abt 1520   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Mrs Lide    Abt 1524   Inkburrow, Parish, Worcestershire, England 
  Abraham Lubberts    1575   Ov, Netherlands 
  Trynitie Lubberts    1599   Swol,,Zwoffen, Overjissel, Netherlands 
  Fannie Luke    13 Mar 1828   New Scotland, Albany, NY 
  Jacob Luke (Look)    10 Aug 1790   Bethlehem, NY 
  Salomo Luke (Look)    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  John Maxson    21 Apr 1701   Westerly, Washington RI 
  John Rev. Maxson    12 Oct 1666   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Thankful Maxson    16 Jul 1737   UNKNOWN 
  Albert Jacob McGee    31 Mar 1851   NY 
  Guy John McGee    14 Feb 1941   Cherry Valley, IL 
  John McGee    1826   New Scotland, Albany, NY 
  Oliver Horatio McGee    1 Apr 1889   Kingston, IL 
  Kelly Marie McGee-Allen    29 Mar 1966   St. Joseph's Hospital, Belvidere, IL 
  Arnoul (Sr Arnoul) "de Heristal" Bishop Of Metz    13 Aug 582   Heristal, Liege, Belgium 
  Angelica Moak    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Johannes Moak    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Gundreda Monasteriis    Abt 1124   Bedingfield, Suffolk, England 
  Gundreda (Grundrilda) Monasterin    Abt 1204   Norfolk, England 
  Hannes Moock    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Lena Moock    12 Jun 1770   1st dutch reformed church, Albany, NY 
  Ausbert The Senator Of The Palace Of Moselle    Abt 536   Old Saxony Germany 
  Ferreolus, Duke Of Moselle    Abt 465   Moselle, Austrasia, France 
  Outeria, Duchess Of Moselle    504   Moselle, Austrasia, France 
  Anna Mumford    30 Apr 1668   Of, Portsmouth, Newport, RI 
  Mrs. Mumford    1605   Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Mrs. Mumford    1605   Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Thomas Mumford    1625   Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Hannah Murray    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Mr. Norton    1326   Bendham, Suffolk, England 
  Mrs. Norton    1330   Bendham, Suffolk, England 
  George Odding    1596   Madron, Cornwall, England 
  george mrs. Odding    1560   Germany 
  John Odding    1556   Germany 
  Margaret Odding    1590   Madron, Cornwall, England 
  Sarah Odding    5 Feb 1609   Madron, Cornwall, England 
  Wiltrud (Waltrada) Of Orleans    Abt 795   unknown 
  Charibert I King Of Paris    520   Paris, Siene, France 
  Ingoberge Queen Of Paris    Abt 520   Paris, Siene, France 
  Margaret Parson    Abt 1528   England 
  Catherine Patshull (Pateshull)    Abt 1300   Pateshull, Heyford, Norfolk, England 
  John Patshull (Pateshull)    1274   Ashperton, Herefordshire, England 
  Alice Irene Peavy    Mar 1857   Michigan 
  Maud Mrs Peche    1246   Suffolk, England 
  Eva Peche or Pecche    Abt 1268   Suffolk, England 
  Gilbert Peche or Pecche    1242   Suffolk, England 
  John Peterson    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  James Lewis Pierce    20 Jun 1832   West Falls, Erie, NY 
  Lucinda May Pierce    17 Apr 1867   UNKNOWN 
  Romanzo Pierce    Bet 22 Sep 1801 and 1808   Scholarie, NY 
  Margarita Post    6 Jun 1657   UNKNOWN 
  Matthew Randall    1671   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Thankful Randall    1702   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Sarah Roelofson    Bet 5 Apr 1627 and 1627   Amsterdam, Holland 
  James Rogers    Abt 1668   Washington, RI 
  Sarah Rogers    Abt 1702   Westerly, Washington RI 
  Hafilda, Princess Of The Rugij    Abt 106   UNKNOWN 
  Esther Sampson    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Elizabeth Sankey    Abt 1568   Edelsworth, England 
  Arnoldus Of Saxony    Abt 562   Old Saxony, Germany 
  Arnoldus Of Saxony    Abt 562   Old Saxony, Germany 
  Hermann Fillung Duke of Saxony    Abt 950   Saxony 
  Mathilde Princess of Saxony    958   Saxony 
  Margaret Scott    Abt 1453   Scotts Hall, Kent, England 
  William (John) Scott    1427   Scotts Hall, Kent, England 
  Benjamin? Sears (Sehrs)    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Hiram Sears (Sehrs)    24 May 1811   UNKNOWN 
  Nancy Sears (Sehrs)    15 May 1840   Duchess County, NY 
  Henry Sherman    Bet 1545 and 1547   Dedham, Or Ardleigh, Essex, England 
  Henry Sherman    Bet 1520 and 1524   Colchester, Essex, England 
  John Sherman    1445   of Diss, Norfold, England 
  John Sherman    Abt 1396   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Phillip Sherman    5 Feb 1610   Dodham, Essex, England 
  Samuel Sherman    11 Jan 1573   Dedham, Or Ardleigh, Essex, England 
  Sarah Sherman    26 Apr 1636   Roxbury, Norfolk, Massachusetts 
  Thomas Sherman    1490   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Sherman    1422   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Rebecca Simmons    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Esther Smith    1633   Glodwick, Oldham, Lancashire, England 
  John Smith    4 Aug 1611   England, Great Britain 
  Joseph Smith    1658   North Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Mercy Smith    Abt 1684   North Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Mrs. Joan Smith    1612   Benenden, Kent, England 
  Richard Smith    Abt 1575   Benenden, Kent, England 
  John Smithe    1548   Benenden, Kent, England 
  Mr. Smithe    Abt 1522   England 
  Mrs. Smithe    Abt 1526   UNKNOWN 
  Christeena Snooks    unknown   unknown 
  Benjamin Soule    Abt 1651   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  Elizabeth Soule    25 Apr 1642   Plymouth, MA 
  George Soule    Bet 1595 and 1602   Eckington, Worcester, England 
  George, Jr. Soule    Abt 1639   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  John Soule    Abt 1632   Plymouth, MA 
  Mary Soule    Abt 1644   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  Nathaniel Soule    Abt 1637   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  Patience Soule    Abt 1648   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  Susanna Soule    Abt 1642   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  Zachariah Soule    Bef 22 May 1627   Plymouth, MA 
  Joanna Sprague    1676   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Sarah Stafford    1662   North Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Martha Staples    1726   Northfield, CT 
  Isabella Taylor    1847   UNKNOWN 
  Ann Mrs. Tefft    Abt 1600   England 
  John Tefft    1614   Of Boston, Suffolk, MA 
  John Tefft    1676   South Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Mary Tefft    11 Jan 1729   Richmond, Washington, RI 
  Samuel Tefft    1643/44   Providence and Kingstown, Washington, RI 
  William Tefft    Abt 1600   England 
  Mrs Thhuringbert    Abt 745   UNKNOWN 
  John Thorolde    1444   Thornham, Suffolk, England 
  Margaret Thorolde    Abt 1470   Thornham, Suffolk, England 
  Basina Princess Of The Thuringians    398   Thuringia, Germany 
  Ferreolus Tonantius    403   Rome, Rome, Italy 
  Miss Tonantius    Abt 429   Rome, Rome, Italy 
  Mrs-William Coiuntess Of Toulouse    Abt 758   Prussia 
  William Count Of Toulouse    Abt 745   Toulouse, France 
  Sybil Tregoz    1271   Ewyas, Herefordshire, England 
  Leutwinus Bishop Of Treves    Abt 665   Austrasia, France 
  Mrs-Leutwinus Treves    Abt 670   Austrasia, France 
  John Tudenham    Abt 1233   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  Margaret Tudenham    Abt 1404   (17-1410) Shuldham, Norfolk, England 
  Mrs-John Tudenham    Abt 1175   Church Stanton, Devonshire, England 
  Robert Tudenham    Abt 1372   Oxburg, Norfolk, England 
  (Miss) UNKNOWN    Abt 1600   England? 
  Adelheid UNKNOWN    Abt 1091   Grandson, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Agnes unknown    Abt 1429   Stamford, Lincolnshire, England 
  Alicia unknown    1538   Shrewsbury, Clun, Shropshire, England 
  Annes (Agnes) unknown    1515   New Chapel, Clun Parish, Shropshire, England 
  Barbara unknown    unknown   UNKNOWN 
  Deborah unknown    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Dietberga UNKNOWN    1006   Neuchatel, Ne, Switzerland 
  Doda UNKNOWN    Abt 695   Neustria 
  Elizabeth unknown    1478   Rumburgh, Suffolk, England 
  Hildegardis UNKNOWN    952   Saxony 
  Jordane UNKNOWN    Abt 1134   La Sarraz, Waadt, Switzerland 
  Margaret unknown    1549   St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, England 
  Margery unknown    Abt 1399   Yaxley, Suffolk, England 
  Margery unknown    Abt 1382   Tolethorp, Rutlandshire, England 
  mary Unknown    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Mrs. unknown    Abt 1523   Germany 
  Rose unknown    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Williswint UNKNOWN    Abt 725   UNKNOWN 
  Margaret unknown, possibly Ford    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Egino IV "der Bartige" Count of Urach    Abt 1160   Urach, Baden, Germany 
  Eleanor Utter    1672   Stonington, New London, CT 
  Jacob Jansen Vanettan    1631/32   Etten, Bro Bant, Netherlands 
  Margaret Vanettan    2 Mar 1707   old dutch chruch, Kingston, Ulster, NY 
  Peter Vanettan    1672/73   Rhinebeck, Duchess, NY 
  Herbert II Count of Vermandois    Abt 884   Vermandois, Neustria 
  Mrs-Pbepin Countess Of Vermandois    Abt 820   France 
  Aimon I Count of Vienne    Abt 985   Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland 
  (Miss) Von Domene    Abt 1126   Genf, Geng, Switzerland 
  Adalbert Von Grandson    1004   Neuchatel, Ne, Switzerland 
  Jane Waller    1495   Wartham, Suffolk, England 
  John Waller    Abt 1462   Wortham, Suffolk, England 
  Thomas Waller    Abt 1436   Parham, Suffolk, England 
  John Ward    Abt 1524   Stoke By Nayland, England 
  Lancelot Ward    1551   Dedham, Or Ardleigh, Essex, England 
  Lancelot Mrs. Ward    Abt 1555   England 
  Phillipa Ward    1577   Dedham, Or Ardleigh, Essex, England 
  Francis West    UNKNOWN   UNKNOWN 
  Francis John West    1631   Duxbury, Plymouth, MA 
  Matthew West    1598   England 
  Mrs. Nickolas West    Abt 1602   England 
  Susanna West    23 Oct 1677   North Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Susanna West    23 Oct 1677   North Kingston, Washington, RI 
  Thomas West    1564   Harsworth, England 
  Elizabeth Williams    Abt 1672   Washington, RI 
  Charibert Wormsgau    Abt 640   Neustria 
  Chrodobertus (Robert) I Wormsgau    Abt 665   Neustria 
  Chrodobertus (Robert) II Wormsgau    Abt 695   Neustria 
  Lambert (Lambtbertus) I Wormsgau    Abt 670   Neustria 
  Rupert (Robert) I Wormsgau    Abt 720   UNKNOWN 
  Rutpert (Robert) Wormsgau    Abt 770   UNKNOWN 
  Rutpert (Robert) III Of Wormsgau    Abt 789   unknown 
  Theoderata (Tiedrada) of Wormsgau    Abt 770   UNKNOWN 
  Thhuringbert (thurincbertus) Wormsgau    Abt 745   UNKNOWN 
  Agnes Princess of Zahringen    Abt 1158   Urach, Baden, Germany 

I may include a map of our family's place of origin in this area.