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McGee Family Ancestry

Where McGee's Come From

Below you will find a rough sketch of where our ancestors began, and how we ended up here today. I found this very interesting, especially all the royalty we have in our line.

  Marcomir III, King of the West Franks was born sometime before the year 20.
  Marcomir had a son Clodemir III, King of West Franks, who had a son Antenor IV King of West Franks.
  Then came Antenor's son Rathberius, King of the Franks, then his son Richemer, King of the Franks.
  Richemer had Odimir, King of Franks, who had son Marcomir IV, King of Franks.
  Marcmir IV had a son named Clodimer, IV King of Franks, and Clodimer IV had a son Farabert, King of Franks.
  Farabert has a son named Sunno (Huano) King of Franks. Sunno had Hilderic King of Franks, who had Bartherus, King of Franks, who had Clodius III King of Franks.
  Clodiu III had Walter King of Franks who had Dagobert, Duke of East Franks, who had Genebald, Duke of East Franks, who in turn had Dagobert, Duke of East Franks.
  Dagobert had Clodius Duke of East Franks, who had Marcomir Duke of East Franks, who had Pharamond King of France!
  Pharamond's son was Clodin "le Chevelu" King of France, and he had Siginberus I, Bishop of Auvergne.
  Siginberus had a son Ferreolus, Duke of Moselle, who had Aubert, Senator of the Moselle, who had Arnoldus, of Saxony.
  Arnoldus had Arnoul (St. Arnoul) "De Heristal" Bishop of Metz. Arnoul had a son named Ansigisen Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia. Ansigisen had a son Pbepin, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia.
  Ansigisen had Charles "Martel" Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia, who had Pbepin, "The Short King" of France. Pbepin had Charlemagne, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
  Charlemagne had  Pbepin (Carloman ) King of Italy. Pbepin had Bernard King of Italy, who had Pbepin II Quentin Count of Vermandois, who had Herbert I, Count of Vermandois.
   Herbert I had Beatrice de Vermandois who was the wife of  Robert I, King of France.
   Robert and Beatrice had a daughter named Hildebrante, Princess of France. Hildebrante had a daughter, Adaele (Alice, Alix) De Vermandois who then had a son Baudouin III, count of Flanders.
   Baudouin III had a daughter Bertha, Countess of Flanders, who had a son Gerold, Count of Geneva. Gerold had Aimon I, Count of Geneva, who had a son Amadeo I count of Geneva.
   AmadeoI had Beatrix De Geneva who had a son Pierre I, Sire De Grandson. Pierre had William De Grandison, who had a son mabilia De Grandison who had a daughter, Catherine (Paleshull) Patshull, who had a son John De Tudenham.
   John had Robert Tudenham, who had Margaret Tudenham, who had Thomas Bedingfield.
   Thomas had Edmond Bedingfield, who had daughter Agnes Bedingfield, who had son Christopher Browne who had son Thomas Browne.
   Thomas Browne had Peter Brown (Browne) who was a Pilgrim that came over on the Mayflower!  Peter had a son Nicholas Brown, who had a daughter Jane Brown.
   Jane Brown had a daughter by the name of Ann or Susannah Babcock, who had a son Jenkins Lewis, who had a son named Jonathan Lewis.
   Jonathan had a son named James Lewis who was born in 1745.  James Lewis had a daughter Lydia Lewis who in turn had a daughter Lucinda Lewis, who in turn had a son James Lewis Pierce.
   James Lewis Pierce had a daughter Lucinda May Pierce who had a daughter we all know and love named Avis Ida Fox, who married Oliver Horatio McGee, thus making us modern day McGee's part of the lineage that can be traced back to the beginning of time!

If you are still interested in more family lineage directly related through Oliver Horatio McGee's side, please read on!
Ichabod Peavy had a son named Nehemia Potter Peavy. Nehemia had Horatio Nelson Peavy who had Alice Irene Peavy, who had Oliver Horatio McGee!
According to a posting on website message board, there was a book called Allegany County and its People.  A Centenial Memorial History of Allegany County. This book was written by John S. Minard, and published by W.A. Fergusson and Co. Alfred, NY 1896 and is 500 pgs. Our Peavy ancestors are mentioned in this book on the following pages:
p. 79: [second decade 1811-1820] The PEAVYs settled in teh west part of Allen this year [1815] giving their name to the Peavy Road.
p. 428: [Angelica] Joseph, Isaac, and John PEAVY (brothers) came to Allen and were among the pioneer settles, the settlement is knows as "Peavy settlement."  Sylvanus PEAVY, son of Joseph, married Adelia SMITH and made his home in Allen and cultivated his land.  Of his 9 children, 5 are living.  Nancy F., married, first John LILLY, a son of John LILLY.  They had 2 children, William J. of Buffalo, and Captola L., who married Julius C. AVERILL.  Mrs. LILLY married second, William FRANKLIN.  Julius C. AVERILL, son of Julius C. was born in Belmont.  He was educated at the Belmont Untion School and is engaged in merchandising in Angelica.
[Allen] about 1815 came the PEAVYS a whole "lot" of them: Joshua, Nehemiah, Joseph, Isaac, Ichabod and John, every one with a scripture name and settled in the southwest part of the town giving the name to the "Peavy Road," upon which they settled.  Today, not a man of the name of PEAVEY is to be found in the town. 
I am working with a Hallie June Peavy who has done more research than I can even begin to imagine doing, and she has us linked from Ichabod back to England Royalty that includes William Shakespeare, and as far back as Adam and Eve!  She even has pictures on her website that include Peavy Castles in England. I am hoping to have those pictures on my site as soon as I get permission from her. For now, I hope you enjoy what I do have!

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