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McGee Family Ancestry
McGee Photos

Now that you have seen some of our ancestors, here are some photos of us McGee's from 2001 and on.


This is a photo of Guy John McGee and Edith Ann (Salisbury) McGee taken on July 7, 2001 right after they renewed their wedding vows for their 10th wedding anniversary.


This is a picture of my brother Daniel Guy McGee with my daughters and me. Dan was best man, and I was matron of honor.  Standing in front and to the left of Dan is Rebecca, then Sarah Joy, and then Samantha.


The happy couple in front of their wedding cake!

Below is my baby brother being goofy with my baby girl! This is Dan and Sarah Joy taken this past Christmas at my mother's house.



Here are my father Guy John McGee and my step-mom Edie and hubby John, oldest daughter Cheri LaRee, and youngest daughter Sarah Joy at Christmas 2003 at Dad and Edie's home in Belvidere, IL.

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