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McGee Family Ancestry
McGee Family Beginnings In Photos

On this page I'll include some early family photos and Cencus documents. If you have some photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.


This is the death certificate of Albert Jacob McGee. He is the father of Oliver Horatio McGee, who is my grandfather, and was married to Avis Ida (Fox) McGee. Thanks to Lettie Kirby for this.


August 8, 1870 Dekalb County, Sycamore, IL Cencus for Horatio Nelson Peavy and family.


This is the birth certificate for Jennie Pearl McGee, sister of Oliver Horatio and daughter of Albert and Alice (Peavy) McGee. If you look at the bottom, you can see that Cassie Wilson signed this birth certificate.

Cassie McGee Wilson birth certificate

Albert Jacob McGee and Alice Irene Peavy's Marriage Certificate




This is a pedigree chart from Lettie Kirby showing how we are desended on the Peavy side from Ichabod Peavy. There are pictures of Lettie McGee-Kirby and Jennie Pearl McGee as well as other ancestors here.


This is the death certificate for Alice Irene (Peavy) McGee. Alice is the wife of Albert Jacob McGee, and our ancestry to the Peavy side can be traced back to Adam and Eve.


July 2, 1880 Bethlehem, Albany, New York Cencus information for Albert Jacob McGee and family.


 Above, is a picture of Electie Florence (Lettie) McGee-Kirby, sister of Jennie and Oliver.

Albert Jacob McGee
This is my Great-Grandfather Albert Jacob McGee circa 1893 age 42.

Alice Irene (Peavy) McGee
This is my Great-Grandmother Alice (Peavy) McGee circa 1893 age 36.


Catherine M. Smith Peavy, (seated), is the mother of Alice Irene Peavy McGee. Next to Catherine is Alice's brother Harvey Peavy.  Standing are Alice's two sisters Nettie Peavy and Maud Peavy.


L to R: Ethel Mae Gruff, wife of harry McGee, Minnie Maude and her daughter Joan, Jane Pearl "Jennie" McGee, Cassie McGee Wilson and husband Max Wilson, Lettie Florence McGee Kirby with son Duane (with gun), Jane's sons Albert Milton Kirby (kneeling) and Robert Edward Kirby (on horse).