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McGee Family Ancestry
Family Reunion

This years McGee Family Reunion was held on July 31st at Belvidere Park's Cottonwood Shelter in Belvidere, IL.


This is my cousin Gordon McGee and his son Jordon. Gordon is the son of George McGee, and grandson of Oliver Horatio McGee and Avis Ida Fox.

this is my step-mother and my cousin Clampet, whose given name is Roger.

This is my step-mother Edie Salisbury McGee and my cousin Roger "Clampet" Luepkes. Roger is the son of Dorothy McGee Luepkes, and grandson of Oliver Horatio McGee and Avis Ida Fox.

This is Gordon's daughter Hannah McGee, she is the great granddaughter of Oliver Horation McGee.

My father Guy McGee on the left, his brother George, and his sister Bev

Here I might put a group shot from the reunion.

Hannah, cousin June Jacobs, and George McGee. June is the daughter of Avis Ida Fox's Sister Lucille

Louise McGee Howard, June Jacobs and George's daughter Lori McGee and her mother Nancy

My aunt Louise McGee Howard and my step-mother Edie Salisbury McGee

My father, Guy John McGee talking with his nephew Gordon McGee


Louise, George, June, Dad, and Edie catching up at the family reunion.

Louise, George, June, Dad and George's daughter Lori talk over old family times.

Mac's daughter Carolyn "Sis" McGee and Beverly McGee Crowell

George and Dad move tables to make more room for families to sit when the festivities begin.

George's wife Nancy and daughter Lori enjoy the family meal.